Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Dean Del Mastro and His Training Manual

In 2007 it came to light that Harper's Reformers had created a 200 page book for their MPs that instructed them on how to make sure that nothing ever gets accomplished that doesn't fit their narrow agenda.

Among the advice contained in the book is that the Conservative Party should help pick committee witnesses and that the chairman ensure witnesses suggested by the Conservative Party of Canada "are favourable to the government and the ministry." The book also advises chairmen to "meet with witnesses so as to review testimony and assist in question preparation." It also suggests witnesses be included from Conservative ridings across the country and the chairmen make sure the witnesses' local MPs take the place of a regular committee member for the hearing.

The book contains advice on how to grind committees to a halt, whether it be by recognizing a Conservative MP just before a vote and letting them speak as long as they wish to stall the vote, or adjourning a "disruptive" committee. The instructions to the committee chairmen may explain in part some of the events that have taken place over the past couple of weeks. The official languages committee has become paralyzed as a result of a series of events that began when chairman Guy Lauzon abruptly cancelled a hearing into the effect on language minorities of cutting the Court Challenges program.

The work of two other committees ground to a halt Thursday as a result of Conservative MPs filibustering to stop discussion on the censorship of documents related to Afghan detainees and of a private members bill to prohibit replacement workers being used during strikes in workplaces that fall under federal jurisdiction.

Dean Del Mastro has memorized the book from front to back and as a result has accomplished absolutely nothing.

In an attempt to make sure his record is not broken, he has also chosen to do nothing about the G-20 anti-security measures that cost 1.3 billion dollars, but failed to secure the city of Toronto.

Maybe instead of reading his damn manual he might want to read the Vancouver Sun where they revealed that the police "could have apprehended the anarchists" at anytime but were told to stand down.

What do you think of that Dino? Is that in your book?

Or watched the video where citizens were chasing Black Bloc and they were allowed to escape behind police lines? Is that in your book Dino?

Or how about the cop caught smashing the police car? Was that in your friggin' book?

Canadians Demanding an Inquiry in to G-20 is now has more than 53,000 members. And guess what Dino? Some of them are from Peterborough. I assume you've heard of the place.

And thousands of Canadians marched against your government trying to turn Canada into a Police State. I assume you've heard of Canada. Nice little place. Used to be a democracy.

So put your manual away Dino and get out and look around. Talk to people not within your narrow circle, but ordinary Canadians. You must know a few, right?

You might just have an "opinion", and not a bloody manual that tells you what your "opinion" should be. Next time, don't bother showing up at all. Just leave the book. We already know how it ends.

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