Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Canadian Bar Association Has Accused Jason Kenney of Trying to Circumvent the Law

Seems our boy Jason is in trouble again. This time with the Canadian Bar Association who have revealed a move by Kenney to ignore the rule of law and move toward his goal back in his days with the Canadian Taxpayers Association, to end Canada's multiculturalism.
A change made last month to how citizenship applications are processed in Canada by Immigration Minister Jason Kenney is an "underhanded and abusive" tactic by the government to circumvent the law, the Canadian Bar Association charged on Wednesday. Anyone seeking Canadian citizenship as a new skilled immigrant is required to speak either English or French, the country's two official languages.

According to Immigration and Refugee protection Regulations, those applying under the Federal Skilled Worker or Canada Experience classes are able to choose to either take an International English Language Testing System or Test d'evaluation de Francais, or provide sufficient documentation demonstrating language proficiency. But on June 26, Kenney gave "ministerial instructions" that only applications filed with a completed standardized language proficiency test will be processed, effective immediately.

This man is a tyrant.