Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Police to Release Names of Suspects Possibly Involved in G-20 Violence

With the Facebook Group Canadians Demanding a Public Inquiry.. at almost 54,000 members, the police are now using some of the photos and videos presented by the public to round up and arrest potential suspects. I hope they include this guy because there is undisputed evidence that he was involved.

This was such a black mark on our country and has once again divided citizens between those who believe that the police could no wrong, and those who witnessed and accepted police wrong doing. I would have at one time fallen into the first group, and still have faith in this country's police officers.

But the G-20 weekend has shaken the roots of our men and women in uniform, and only a full public inquiry will restore our confidence.

It's unfortunate that they were given the orders to stand down, because they could have apprehended the vandals when they were in the act of vandalizing.

We must also make sure that the police use those videos to weed out the the "bad guys" within their own ranks.

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