Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Little Less Anger and a Lot More Journalism From Sun Media? Can't Be Done

I can't help but notice that Sun Media has begun to test the waters. How mush racism will we endure? How many attacks on women, minorities and non-neoconservative politicians will infest the newspapers and eventually the airwaves, before we just shut it off?

What passes for journalism with Sun these days is barely more intelligent than a schoolyard spitting contest.

Journalists are supposed to chronicle history, not fabricate it. But if this is the chronicling of our history, what will future generations of Canadians think of us? I shudder to think.

David McGuinty responded to a scathing attack on Michael Ignatieff, but I could have told him not to bother. As my mother used to say: "save your breath to cool your soup."

They are not media now, they are entertainment of the worst kind.

The best progressives can do is ignore them. As David says:

Where the Conservatives want to build more prisons, Liberals want to help more kids go to college.

Where the current government wants to add another $6 billion in corporate tax cuts to their record $54-billion deficit, a future Liberal government wants to reduce the deficit and help caregivers care for loved ones at home.

Where Stephen Harper’s foreign policy amounts to a billion-dollar G20 photo-op, Ignatieff is building relationships with new markets so we can sell Canadian goods and ideas to the world.

Harper has done everything in his power to bring politics to its lowest common denominator. Canadians don’t like his style of government, with its manipulation, secrecy and disrespect for Parliament. Compared to them, Ignatieff is presenting a progressive, compassionate and responsible alternative.

But Sun media doesn't have to endorse the bus tour. In fact, I'd be worried if they did. Their job is just to remind Canadians where Stephen Harper comes from and so far they are doing that in spades.

For me ... I've got a bus to catch. Lunch with Michael Ignatieff tomorrow.

And to Sun Media. This is what real journalism is:

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