Thursday, July 29, 2010

Harper to Civil Servants: Tell Someone Who Cares

In another move suggesting that Herr Harper just can't stand people, he is also cancelling the civil servant survey because they simply have too many good ideas.

Harper hates good ideas.
The government solicits voluntary feedback from its workers every three years to improve programs and services. The survey gives a snapshot of workers' demographics, skills, career expectations and concerns. The union that represents civil servants accused the Tories of turning a deaf ear to the bureaucracy. "In eliminating this survey, I think government is quite clearly saying to their workforce that they're not interested," said Patty Ducharme, executive vice-president of the Public Service Alliance of Canada. "They're not interested in hearing their ideas, they're not interested in hearing what's actually going on in the workplace.
And as Tim Naumetz suggests, it's part of a broader narrative.
The uproar over Prime Minister Stephen Harper's political interference in the 2011 mandatory census has "legs" and a deeper impact than the government expected that could influence an election if one is held this fall, pollsters and opposition MPs say.
For Harper to be a t 31% in the poll, is very troubling for him, considering that Alberta always distorts the figures in the first place. Statistically, he's about 27-28.

Will this be his curtain call? We can only hope.

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