Sunday, July 18, 2010

More Than Just Michael Ignatieff T-Shirts. A Complete Unseat Harper Line

I posted yesterday on the great T-Shirts being offered for sale as part of a movement to promote the soon to be next prime minister of Canada, Michael Ignatieff. Nadine Lumley has sent links to many of the other items, that will help get the word out that Stephen Harper must go.

A great variety of Unseat Harper items

Hats, Badges and lots of fun stuff

Neoconservatism is failing Canadians and failing us badly. So even if your voting intentions are different, these will work no matter who you support.

Be sure to visit our website.

And our Facebook page.

UnseatHarper is just about unseating Harper and is made up of ordinary Canadians looking for change, regardless of political stripe.

And don't forget CAPP, which was created to restore our democracy.

The power of one can become the power of millions. Just talking to one person may be all it takes to start a chain reaction. Are you in?

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