Saturday, July 31, 2010

Can You Smell That? The Odour of Desperation? The Heady Scent of Fear?

The Reformers are in a panic and are sending out fundraising letters asking for $100 to $ 200 dollars to save the world from ... you guessed it ... separatists and socialists.

They must be running out of ideas because they're falling back on the old coalition threat and Michael Ignatieff's 34 years.

Change the channel already.

I've posted his resume so you get some idea of what he was doing for those 34 years.

And as for the coalition which is already off the table, it's no different than the coalition that Stephen Harper tried to form with "separatists" and "socialists" in 2004 and throughout 2005. Jack Layton backed out before it had a chance to get off the ground.

And then of course there was Stockwell Day's coalition attempt with 'separatists' in 2000. That one got his backer Conrad Black in such a twist that he avoided using big words, opting for four-letter ones.

I love their line: "While Mr. Ignatieff continues his awkward pursuit of photo ops, Prime Minister Stephen Harper continues his solid leadership." Says the king of the photo-ops whose idea of leadership is hiding at the first sign of trouble. What a hoot.

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