Thursday, July 29, 2010

Harper's Next Big Career Move - He's Going to Join the Circus

Reports have been coming in steadily that reveal the absolute mishandling of the infrastructure spending, but this one takes the cake, or maybe the big red nose.

One of the places that was awarded money - our money - was a circus school. An absolute necessity during a recession.

To be fair, Stephen Harper will need a job soon, and since his only real job before getting into politics was in the mail room at Esso, his credentials are nothing to brag about.

Yes, he calls himself an economist, but he never worked a single day as economist.

But a clown ... now I could see that.

As the folks at MacLeans now ask: Ottawa’s stimulus fiasco
A circus school, a ferry to nowhere, lawn-bowling greens. This is vital infrastructure?

“This represents the largest infrastructure renewal effort in this country in over half a century.” So said Prime Minister Stephen Harper upon the launch of the Economic Action Plan. But as past scandals involving this sort of thing have shown, one man’s infrastructure is another’s boondoggle.
They didn't even try. When Harper's Karl Rove, formerly Mike Harris's Karl Rove; Guy Giorno, came up with this idea, it was only intended to be a PR stunt, since they had planned on calling an election in the spring. But Giorno gambled a bit too much, when he decided to prorogue for 2 1/2 months and they found themselves in deep doo doo.

I guess that's why they need a circus school to learn how to walk a tightrope. They've already destroyed our safety net.

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