Thursday, July 15, 2010

Harper's Fox News North Has Hit a Snag

Well this is good news. Harper's "all me, all the time" Fox News North has been refused a "must-carry license".
In its application to operate the Sun TV News channel, Quebecor Inc. argued its all-news specialty station was poised to create “a completely new genre in Canada.” Now, it appears the federal broadcast regulator disagrees. In a private letter sent to Quebecor on July 5, the Canadian Radio-television and telecommunications Commission rejected Quebecor’s request for a rare must-carry license. It would have guaranteed distribution by all cable and satellite firms – and the subscriber fees that come along with that distribution.

...The CRTC rebuffed that claim. In the letter, Peter Foster, the director general of television policy and applications, suggested that there was little to distinguish Sun TV from other all-news services, since “news and analysis are sub-categories of the information programming category … news would be broadcast throughout the day … [and] in promotional material, the proposed service is referred to as the Sun TV News Channel.”

Right-wing bloggers are crying foul, suggesting that it prohibits freedom of speech. But that is not the case. What Harper and Teneycke wanted, was that every Canadian who has cable must pay for this station whether they watch it or not. This goes against the freedoms of those who don't want this filth in their homes.

It's political porn and has no place in Canada. If they want to try and find advertisers go for it. I won't be buying their products.

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