Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Fox News and Old White Guys. Has Harper Blown His Cover?

Impolitical brought up an interesting aspect to Harper's recent naming of his new Governor General.

No one has complained of his choice and yet he made a point of issuing a press release suggesting that the decision was left up to a board and only came about after much consultation.

Why is he telling us that, and why now?

Would it have anything to do with the Sun column lauding Harper's selection because he was a "white male"? He's spent years trying to escape from his reputation as an extremist himself, and has done everything his tax payer funded image consultants can do to make him look prime ministerial.

James Travers also wrote an excellent column suggesting that the facade may be cracking. Fox News as we all know is an outlet for the extreme elements of the right-wing.
To be as provocative as Kory Teneycke promises, opinion shows on the 24-hour news channel must pander to extremes. Politically toxic opinions that Teneycke helped the Prime Minister defuse as his chief spokesman will be lint to TV Velcro. Fringe elements will delight in having a nightly forum for ra s about, say, abortion, bilingualism, the supposed climate change hoax and getting Ottawa out of their lives. Cold comfort could be the result for a Conservative leader trying to calm majority concerns about his party’s values long enough to escape the constraints of serial Commons minorities.

Now he might have been able to distance himself from this extreme right-wing program, except that darn it all, didn't he make the mistake of paying Ari Fleisher with taxpayer money, in order to set the whole thing up.

In fact, Guy Giorno had to rush the contracts through when the media got wind of Canada's new "employee".

His extremist past, present and future, has been unveiled for all to see. And the best part of it is, he did the unveiling.


  1. White male selection, this is perfectly in keeping with his evangelical views of male dominance over all. This white male however is a learned scholar who will not be manipulated by his Theoconess. This may come back to bite him. I cannot wait to indulge myself in a major bout of shadenfreude.

  2. I agree. I thought he was an great choice. But to suggest that it was based on his skin colour as Sun Media done is ridiculous. Now that Kory Teneycke heads it up we can expect more of this.