Friday, July 16, 2010

Oh, Oh! Vic Toews Caught Cheating - Again!

And this time I'm not referring to his affair with a younger woman, though that one still represents hypocrisy at it's best.
... the 55-year-old Toews' public face of self-righteous morality is now clashing with his troubled private life. An MP dubbed the "minister of family values" by Liberals is embroiled in a messy divorce after fathering a child last fall with a much younger woman.
So much for family values.

This time Toews is being investigated for a conflict-of-interest:
Public Safety Minister Vic Toews has not disclosed $18,000 in annual pension payments as required by law in a conflict-of-interest declaration for the public registry he personally signed. The Conflict of Interest Code for Members' of the House of Commons requires all MPs to disclose assets,liabilities and sources of income over $1,000 outside their MP salary. If they earn income over $10,000, that fact is to be made public in a disclosure summary posted on the ethics commissioner's website. There is no pension income listed in Toews' most recent summary that he signed on March 5, 2009.

In an affidavit filed in Manitoba court April 10, Toews acknowledges earning $18,267.84 a year from the Manitoba Civil Service Superannuation Board. Those pension payments began when he turned 55 in September 2007. Also included in court documents is an e-mail Toews wrote to his lawyer in May 2007. In that e-mail, Toews' indicates he had not disclosed to the ethics commissioner the pension he was about to start receiving or a condo his wife owned in Gatineau, Que.
More of those so-called "conservative values" we keep hearing about. And Vic is a card carrying member of the Religious Right. Wonder if he'll get kicked out of the club now?


  1. The people who support the Conservative's "Family Values" platform don't really care that those who espouse these values, only do so publicly! In their private lives, they are permitted numerous indiscretions which are overlooked or ignored by their supporters. Vic Toews should have never been placed in any Cabinet position, considering his personal lack of ethics.
    Conbot posters skewered Jack Layton for getting a massage, but ignore Vic Toews' divorce after impregnating a MUCH younger woman. What a herd of 'sheeple' voting for hypocrites!

  2. It never fails to astonish me – the way people (not just on the right, but also centrists) will scream and shout and point fingers at a leftie who commits an indiscretion that is often only an indiscretion in the minds of the person making the accusation, but will ignore, overlook or rationalise the most blatant corruption, scandalous behaviour or outright fraud committed by righties. The news media fosters this hypocricy and thereby provides us with ample evidence of its true political leanings.

    I'll never forget the way Mike Harcourt was crucified in the media and forced, for the good of the party, to resign as premier over the Nanaimo Charity Bingo scandal. It turned out, after it was all over, that neither he nor anyone else in the party had any knowledge that the member who ran the charity was siphoning off funds to pay his own debts. Then Glen Clark, who took over as party leader was villified in the media over a "scandal" that would not even been noticed if it was a right-wing politician involved; namely, the fact that a neighbour, a building contractor, had built a back deck for him and had subsequently been awarded the right to build a casino. The NDP was given the boot from government over this and the building of fast ferries (which was actually a good idea). The RCMP staged an early morning raid on Clark's house, having previously alerted a reporter for BCTV (a rightwing television station) that they would be doing so. IN the end, Clark was exonerated for all wrong-doing but not before the NDP had lost an election. I might add that the orders for the raid came from the PMO because Clark was embarrassing then Prime Minister Jean Chuntien over the fishing industry. (If nothing else, this tells us where the liberals are really at – and though Chretin might be well thought of back East; he is utterly despised here in BC.)