Saturday, July 3, 2010

Harper Promises to Boost Military Presence in Cities

I remember that promise because Canadians were shocked. Military presence in our cities? In Canada? Was he insane?

If he's elected Jan. 23 [2006], Harper said, territorial battalions made up of 100 regular troops and 400 or more reservists would be stationed in Vancouver, Calgary, Regina, Winnipeg, the Toronto area and other major metropolitan areas.
But after last weekend in Toronto, we see that he is quite capable of turning our cities into militarized zones.

We knew then there was something not quite right about this man with the dead eyes. And now our worst fears have been realized.

The police fired rubber bullets into human beings. The police hit human beings with bicycles, batons, and fists. The police trapped and held human beings for hours without shelter, food, or water. The police are said to have threatened human beings with rape. The police strip searched (and did worse things to) human beings. Even given our society's obsession with property rights, most people agree that human beings are more important than property. Supposed Black Bloc protesters destroyed property. The police assaulted human beings.

... the vandalism was a one-time occurrence. We are in little danger of their actions recurring on a regular basis. The Toronto police, on the other hand, work among us every day. Our taxes pay their salaries. They are supposed to be accountable to government and to the people. They are supposed to be trained to keep the peace and to protect us from harm. They are not supposed to be a gang loaded with weapons unleashed on an unarmed citizenry.

Third, and most importantly, the abuse of policing powers and the suspension of civil liberties are by far a greater danger to society than broken windows and a burned car. We have the right to peaceful protest. We have the right to express our anger at these undemocratic and unjust meetings that affect millions of lives and the very survival of our planet. We have the right to walk in our own cities – my god, to sleep in our own beds! – without fear of being dragged off and detained.

If we allow Stephen Harper and Guy Giorno to get away with this, what will be next? Who will be next? Giorno tried to turn Ontario into a police state under Mike Harris, but we fought back. Harris was forced to resign and we kicked the others to the curb. (though the worst of the lot Flaherty, Baird and Clement ended up in Harper's cabinet) We have got to start paying attention. This is, or at least it was, Canada. Watching videos from the G20 protests, I'm not so sure.

While 1,000 Montrealers, including many parents with young children, marched to denounce the abusive police treatment of G20 protestors, Montreal police apparently attempted to introduce agent provocateurs into the march. The provocateurs were spotted trying to enter the march on Sherbrooke Street, but
were forced out by attentive march organizers. Two videos of the group of provocateurs were posted on youtube on Friday:
"They were big guys, looking like thugs. In fact, they looked very much like the police provocateurs who were caught on video carrying rocks at the protest against the Security and Prosperity Partnership in Montebello, Quebec in August 2007," stated Scott Weinstein, who decided to bicycle over to film the group when informed of their presence."

The police want the union boss to resign for suggesting that the police might use provocateurs. But since they clearly did, it's a few police officers who should resign.

The Toronto Police Association is calling for a labour leader's resignation over remarks about G20 summit security. Ontario Federation of Labour president Sid Ryan was quoted in a Toronto newspaper as saying Toronto police might try to incite violence during anti-G20 protests to justify their share of the $1.3-billion security budget.

This was a very dark period in our history as Harper's dreams of a police state have come to fruition. I never thought he could do it.


  1. Totally unrelated but, do you know how Harper plans to bring private healthcare to Canada?

    Building mega-hospitals in city centers.
    Well, most Canadian agrees that who need more hospitals are the regions yet the government of Canada want to build mega-hospitals in the city centers with no method on how they would fill the desired hospitals with doctors and nurses and equipment if they cannot already pay for what they have. harper has a plan of course but it doesn't stand up.

    We'll build those mega 1 billion dollars + hospitals and then realize they're hollow, sell them to the private sector for a fraction of the price and bingo, it's started.

    As far as your blog goes, it's very good, except the part (you're English it's forgiven) where you say that it was unexpected.
    His eyes are DEAD! What else but a fiend can he be?

  2. That's interesting. I didn't know that about the hospitals but it makes sense.