Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Eeny, Meeny, Miney, Moe. The Conservatives Have Got to Go!

The Group Canadians Rallying to Unseat Stephen Harper (C.R.U.S.H.) has expanded and now has a website, where you can keep track of initiatives, view the print ad, and donate to the cause.
Politicians, pollsters and the media may want to ignore online activism, but it is here.
Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament (CAPP) now has 225,625 members and is growing all the time. More rallies are planned for March 3.

There is also a Catch 22 Harper Conservatives, a group currently working on a website. The goal is to seek out vulnerable ridings and help to win them for the closest competitor.
I have started a list based on some information found here.

Last election, the Reformers used the Carbon Tax as their hot button issue and rode it to victory. Mind you they didn't garner more votes, but in fact were down by 170,000 over 2006. However, they turned people away from the polls, and vote-splitting did the rest.

CAPP is determined to encourage people to vote, the only way we will restore democracy in Canada. We've seen how easy it is to lose. And since Stephen Harper went proroguing, he has not only avoided questions about war crimes, a lobbying scandal, and a sub-prime mortgage disaster; but also signed a horrendous trade deal with the U.S., that is ultimately the sale of Canada.

This was done without input or debate.

This isn't about hating Harper, it's about hating this Reform Movement. Neoconservatism is the wrong fit for Canada, and they've had four years to prove they could do better.

But it's been four years of nothing but visceral, hyper-partisan attacks, designed to turn Canadians off. But when Harper prorogued parliament for naked self interest, he woke up an apathetic nation, and we need to keep up the momentum.

We have got to get our country back and we will do that one vote at a time. One riding at at time.


Reform-Conservative Ridings Won by a Narrow Margin in 2008 so Are Vulnerable:

Beauport-Limoilou -- Sylvie Boucher

North Vancouver Andrew Saxton

Palliser -- Ray Boughen

Roberval-Lac-Saint --Jean Denis Lebel

Saanich--Gulf Islands Gary Lunn

Surrey North Dona Cadman

Vancouver Island North John Duncan

West Nova Greg Kerr


Others I'm Going After Because I Feel They are so Wrong for Canada:

Saskatoon-Blackstrap -- Maurice Vellacott

Saskatoon-Humboldt -- Brad Trost


Reformers Who Will Probably Win But Must be Sent to the Other Side of the Room:


  1. Saskatoon Humboldt - Bradley Trost, religious fundamentalist, anti-abortion activist and absentee MP for the urban consitutents (don't know about the rural - but they're who voted for him).

    MAURICE VELLACOTT - Saskatoon-Blackstrap (I think?? Crazy evangelical abortions-cause-breast-cancer nut. Need I say more!