Saturday, February 20, 2010

While Tony Clement Prorogues, Claude Gravelle, Gilles Brisson and France Gelinas Roll up Their Sleeves

When Canadians are suffering, we should be able to expect that our elected politicians do what they can to ease that suffering. But where are Tony Clement and Dalton McGuinty, when the people of Sudbury and Timmins are in trouble? Who knows?

I only know that they are not in Sudbury or Timmins.

Fortunately, there are three politicians there who know what it means to have people put their trust in them, by voting them into office. And as such, they know that they must step up to the plate, when those very people need them to.

France Gelinas, NDP MPP for the riding of Nickel Belt, Gilles Brisson, NDP MPP for the riding of Timmins—James Bay, and Claude Gravelle the federal NDP MP for Nickle Belt, stood in the cold and spoke up for their constituents; in the way that they should.

My hats off to all three.

I am not that partisan, and though I have decided to support the Liberals federally, provincially I'm still on the fence. I would never vote for Hudak, because I don't support the neoconservative agenda; but I'm seriously looking at the NDP for the next provincial election.

And when I see these brave souls standing out in the cold, standing with their people and standing up for their rights; it won't take much convincing.

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