Saturday, February 13, 2010

Thomas Mulcair Describes Harper's Insanity Over Israel a Very Nixonian Approach to Politics

Can I just say how much I like Thomas Mulcair? He has been such an asset to federal politics. A decent, intelligent and hardworking guy.

No, I'm not changing my allegiance. I'm sticking with the Liberals and Michael Ignatieff, as the best option for replacing the Harper Government's reign of terror.

But I want to let the voting public know, that there are options to Harper, despite what the media tries to tell us.

The Liberals, the Bloc, the NDP and the Green parties all have enormous talent in their ranks, and fortunately leaders who allow that talent to show. This is why we need a coalition.

This week we learn of another humanitarian aid group, that risks having their funding cut because they dare to suggest a peaceful solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Harper's iron fisted approach to this, is putting Canada on a very dangerous path, as he takes advice from cooks like John Hagee and Charles McVety, who want Israel " be left alone to do their job."

And as we learn from tapes and sermons of Hagee's that job is launch an attack on Iran's nuclear facilities, ultimately resulting in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people; and escalated violence in the middle east, as other nations rise up in protest.


Mr. Muclair, is certainly not the first person to compare Stephen Harper to Richard Nixon. It's interesting to note, that Arthur Finklestein, one of the people behind Nixon's success; also coached Harper. I thought taking advice from men like Frank Lutz and Karl Rove was bad enough. But Art Finklestein? He's the master of dirty politics.

Montreal group accuses Ottawa of halting funds over Middle East issue
But Conservatives say request under review and they don't comment on rumours, speculation
February 13, 2010
Richard J. Brennan Ottawa Bureau

OTTAWA–A Montreal-based human rights group says it is being denied funding by the Conservative government for speaking out on Israeli-Palestinian relations.

Critics say it's part of a growing pattern of Prime Minister Stephen Harper's government punishing federally funded groups that don't agree with it, pointing to an earlier decision by Ottawa to end 35 years of funding for Toronto-based KAIROS, a multi-faith humanitarian group, after publicly accusing it of being anti-Israel.

"It's a very Nixonian approach to politics," said NDP MP Thomas Mulcair of the Montreal riding of Outremont, referring to former U.S. president Richard Nixon, who was known to keep an enemies' list.

Bob Rae Also weighed in:

Liberal foreign affairs critic MP Bob Rae (Toronto Centre) said the Conservative government is intent on "doing a political test on every group out there."

"There doesn't seem to be any room for diversity or difference of opinion," Rae said."It's clear now that it's the (former) Reform party ideologues who are in the ascendancy and taking over, and I think that is regrettable."


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