Sunday, February 14, 2010

Tony Clement Starring in Where's Waldo?

Tony Clement always reminds me of the Where's Waldo cartoon. Don't you think he looks like Waldo?

He originally came to my attention when he was in the Ontario legislature, and a tireless worker in trying to privatize our health care.

This earned him the nickname 'Two-Tier Tony', and he did make a mess of things, especially when it came to home care.

When former premier Mike Harris resigned, Clement ran unsuccessfully for the party's leadership.

His biggest rival was Jim Flaherty, and the campaign got pretty heated between the two, much like the one between Clement and Harper when they running for leadership of the Alliance Party in 2004.

Neither Flaherty nor Clement won, both being deemed far too right-wing to be electable. Aren't you glad they both hold key cabinet positions in our current federal government? Yeah!

I will be including a chapter on Clement in my book. His real name is Anthony Peter Panayi. He adopted the name Clement just before entering university, taken from his mother's new husband, John Clement, a former cabinet minister in Bill Davis's government.
Anthony Peter Panayi, AKA: Tony Clement

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