Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Maxime Bernier Confirms the Theory: There is Shrinkage

It's always interesting reading columns about this government's handling of the economy.

Over and over again, 'Jim Flaherty shouldn't have lowered the GST', 'Jim Flaherty should listen to economists', 'Jim Flaherty should do us all a favour and move to Lower Slobovia' (yes that last one was mine).

However, they always think they're so clever when they say 'Gotcha', you are not a fiscal conservative!

Well sorry guys, but the only ones earning 'Gotcha' claims are the Reformers.

It was never ever about fiscal conservatism, balancing the budget or handling the economy.

It was always about reducing government revenue and tearing down our social safety net. They have now created the perfect storm. In the recent sale of our country, Harper and Simon Bar Sinister, have put our health services into the new trade agreement, and provinces will no longer be able to limit private health care.

But this doesn't just mean that they've opened the door to a two-tier system, because by allowing the Americans or the multinationals to get their hands on our health services, they will no longer be sustainable. And with the Harper government dangerously reducing our revenue, there's no way we could pay for it even if we tried.


Did you hear that?

That was the sound of the champagne cork at the National Citizens Coalition office, as they toast Colin Brown. He was the man who started the NCC with Ernest Manning, for the sole purpose of destroying the Canada Health Act. Step outside you'll get a faint odour of smoke. That's the Act being torched.

Stephen Harper has won. Who knew? We thought he'd need a majority to put an end to public health care in this country. But all he needed was a sleeping public and a complacent media.

At Harper's church, the Christian and Missionary Alliance, they sing God Bless America. We will soon be too.

Maxime Bernier's Shrinkage

For most of us paying attention, we know what neoconservatism is, so can usually predict the next stages. Andrew Coyne over at MacLeans thought he had the scoop of the century. Poor Andrew.

Yes, Maxime Bernier laid out the neoconservative agenda in all it's ugliness, but where were you four years ago? Four months ago? Four days ago? We could have used a scoop then and we might not be in this mess.

Maybe you could have scooped Patrick Brown last election campaign when he too suggested that Harper would never allow our economy to grow.

Maxime Bernier unplugged
by Andrew Coyne
February 9, 2010

That was a remarkable speech Maxime Bernier delivered the other day in Calgary. That is, it was an entirely unremarkable speech, the kind you would hear every other day in any normal democracy: a fairly pedestrian restatement of conservative principles by a leading conservative politician ....

UPDATE: And what’s this? Pierre Poilievre calling it a “brilliant speech”? So: the last four years, then. They’ve just been a bad dream?

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