Friday, February 19, 2010

Update on Jason Kenney, Molsons and My Joe

When Canada was celebrating the anniversary of our flag, Jason Kenney and the Conservative Party of Canada decided that once again, Canadian pride was not on their agenda.

Just hyper-partisan nonsense, as they distributed beer and T-Shirts, using the Molson Canadian branding, but replacing some of the wording with a 20 year old, off the cuff remark made by the Liberal leader, that included his image holding a bottle of Molson Canadian (photo-shopped in)

This became a segment on Power and Politics, and included a snippet from Kenney himself suggesting that Canadians should know about a remark made two decades ago. And of course, we needed to know on that day.

Now, I suppose we could pull out Jason Kenney's remark when he stated that he was ashamed to be Canadian because we didn't go to Iraq, but that would be silly, right?

I guess the issue bothered me in part because I play this old Joe Canadian video all the time. It represents the way we were four years ago, before this neoconservative gang set out to systematically destroy us.

We are no longer peacekeepers. We now love guns. And Kenney is pushing for assimilation, not multiculturalism. But it also represents what we will be again, as soon as we can get our country back. And we will.

In the meantime, I emailed Molsons to let them know that their branding was being used in a negative way. Many people believed that Molsons was behind this, but I didn't buy it. Why would they help to launch an ad campaign that could turn 2/3 of Canadians off their brand?

They have always promoted a progressive Canada, while respecting our heritage.

So this was my email:

I am emailing to draw your attention to a negative ad campaign currently being conducted by the Conservative Party of Canada. Our maple leaf is an iconic symbol, and one that you have always worked hard to present in a positive way. I watch and share your 'Joe Canadian' video constantly, since it represents the very heart and soul of our country.

Now I know that in politics, things can get messy, but on a day when we are celebrating the anniversary of our flag, and cheering our athletes awash in red and white; one political party has chosen to violate our pride by producing beer labels and cartons, identical to your own branding; that include the image of a political opponent, and a 20 year old comment he made.

This was especially distressing, watching the anguish of a mother, as the flag draped coffin of her son returning from Afghanistan, became her symbol of our national pride.

Is this really how you want your company to be represented?

Well today Molsons sent me an email, and just as I suspected, they were not pleased.

Good afternoon Ms. Dee,

I want to start by thanking you for taking the time to write to us and voice your concerns regarding the use of products on the CBC’s Power and Politics last Monday. I want to assure you that Molson Coors Canada was not aware of this issue until it was brought up to us by a consumer on Tuesday, and that we were not involved in this stunt in any way.

We were never consulted by the Conservative Party of Canada or by the CBC, and we never provided them with our products.

I also want to assure you that Molson Coors is a strictly non partisan company. We recognize the importance of civic duties and support and encourage people who get involved, but we do not support any political party over another.

I do hope that you will remain a faithful Molson drinker.

Again, thank you for your time and concern.

I hope they sue.

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