Wednesday, February 10, 2010

So Why All the Secrets Mr. Harper?

That this government has been the most secretive in this country's history, is not debatable; but I think the Opposition and the Canadian people have had enough.

Interference in releasing information from Public Works, is once again being blamed on a staffer, but we've heard that one too many times. The Reformers might want to come up with a better line.

Just before the Christmas break, that's turned into a between Christmas and Easter break, there were rumblings of a scandal in the department of Christian Paradis.

At first the Ref-Cons denied it, until finally announcing that there was indeed a scandal, that may or may not have been over the sale of public buildings. I'd like to tell you more, but it's a secret and Paradis has been moved to Natural Resources.

There is also a scandal brewing over lobbying practices, that has seen Stephen Harper's communication staff balloon to a whopping 27 people, all on our dime. Apparently, it takes a lot of people to spin a story.

Conservatives 'building walls around the truth,' Jack Layton says
Gloria Galloway
Ottawa — The Globe and Mail
February 09, 2010

The Information Commissioner of Canada will give immediate attention to a complaint filed this week after a Conservative official forced the department of Public Works to break the Access to Information Act and deny the full release of a report to The Canadian Press. A spokeswoman for the commissioner told The Globe on Tuesday that the complaint would be “prioritized.” Meanwhile, NDP Leader Jack Layton highlighted the problems within the federal Access to Information regime by releasing two copies a memo from diplomat Richard Colvin on the subject of Afghan detainees.

Only a few words were redacted in the memo as it was publicly released by the Attorney-General to the Military Police Complaints Commission. But, when released by the Department of National Defence under Access to Information legislation, it was redacted almost in its entirety .....

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