Thursday, February 18, 2010

Peter Braid in Hot Seat Over Prorogation

Despite using all the right talking points provided by Reform-Conservative party central, Peter Braid once again proved his incompetence, when interviewed by his local paper.

They suggest that prorogation is routine, and in fact they're right. The act itself is very routine and necessary.

However, historically, abuse of prorogation in the Westminster Parliamentary system has only been done three times. All three in Canada. Two by Harper.

Fortunately an expert was available to the Waterloo Chronicle to set the record straight.
David Docherty, a political science professor at Wilfrid Laurier University who studies parliament and written books about it, said he respectfully disagrees with Braid’s opinion.“It’s routine to have a prorogation after year two of a majority government, where a lot of the legislative agenda has run out,” he said.

According to the parliamentary website, the previous government was Prime Minister Paul Martin’s, which had one session. Docherty said that would not have required any prorogation. “Mr. Chretien had two prorogations, but he didn’t meet for two weeks, didn’t like what the opposition was doing, shut the gates and say, ‘Let’s come back after we’ve all cooled down a bit, I’m afraid to meet you.’”

And when questioned on the Afghan Detainee issue, Braid stated: "It’s clear there is no evidence whatsoever of any wrongdoing on the part of our Canadian forces.”

Again, no one has blamed the Canadian forces, other than the Conservatives in an attempt to transfer blame. It's the government who could be charged with war crimes, not any of our soldiers. Braid knows this. Harper knows this.

Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament are trying to keep these guys honest until we can kick them out. We will take our country back, one vote at a time.

I also belong to another group, Catch 22 Harper Conservatives. They are currently on Facebook, but are building a website with 22 ridings that we think we can take back. Kitchener-Waterloo will probably be one of them.

And Mr. Braid's conduct begs the questions:


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