Monday, February 15, 2010

How We Will Move Jim Flaherty to the Other Side of the Room

It is going to be difficult to unseat Jim Flaherty, as a high profile cabinet minister; but his performance as Canada's finance minister, should be enough to sink this party for good. We just have to keep his buried fiascoes on the surface and ultimately on every one's radar.

In 2006, his vote total was 29,294, while his nearest Liberal competitor earned 25,882. In 2008, while his own numbers went up very little (to 30,604), his nearest competitor, Brent Fullard; who exposed the Harper's government's alleged fraud in the handling of income trusts, earned 15,470. A good showing considering the Dion factor.

Flaherty's riding of Whitby-Ajax, is predominantly middle class, with 2006 stats showing a median household income of $103,694, while 83.3 per cent of the population owned their own homes.

As such, Flaherty's tax reductions would be welcome. Also his heavy law and order agenda tends to work with people afraid that someone will steal their stuff. Those protected by poverty, naturally have other priorities.


1. He Put Canada's economy on the brink of collapse by allowing high risk mortgages to infiltrate our once sound sector, and has made the Canadian taxpayer the largest lender of sub-prime mortgages in the world.

2. He orchestrated The Income Trust scandal that caused enormous losses in Canada, while it made a bundle for foreign investors. This one hurt all Canadian taxpayers in lost revenue.

3. Swindled Durham Taxpayers in a private religious school deal.

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