Friday, February 12, 2010

My Apologies to Libby Davies on Behalf of the Canadian People

Dear Ms Davies;

I hope that you will accept my apologies on behalf of the Canadian people, for the horrible verbal assault you endured, from one of our employees; Dimitri Soudas.

He often forgets that his job is to speak for the prime minister, on behalf of the Canadian taxpayer, and not to act as a hyper partisan bully for the Conservative Party of Canada.

I admire your courage, standing with your constituents, and other concerned citizens; despite the fact that the Insite project could be deemed by some, to be controversial.

I personally support this important service and would like to see similar projects adopted by all major cities in Canada. I feel that it is not our government's job to judge, only to heal.

But this is not about what brought you to the Chinese Cultural Centre in Vancouver, to stand with the protesters; but the unwarranted attack on your character and credibility.

For that I am truly sorry.

Members of CAPP have written to the prime minister expressing our displeasure with the conduct of Mr. Soudas, which sadly has become part of a pattern. We have copied our emails to all party leaders, so they are aware that we can no longer condone this kind of behaviour.

I will tell you up front, that I am a Liberal supporter, but I am a Canadian first, and it is as a Canadian that I am contacting you now.

Our local NDP candidate, Daniel Beals, has been a tireless worker in Kingston, on behalf of trying to save our prison farms; and what I especially like is that we also have people from the Green Party and Liberals, all working together on this important issue.

That to me is what politics is supposed to be about. Cooperation for the good of the country.

Thank you so much for everything you do to move this nation forward. Your efforts have not gone unnoticed, I can assure you.

I just sent this as an email to Libby Davies, who did not deserve the horrendous actions of Dimitri Soudas. You can contact her too:

And be sure to copy it:

Stephen Harper:

Michael Ignatieff:

Jack Layton: laytoj@parl.gc.caGilles

Gilles Duceppe:

Elizabeth May:


  1. I'm just trying to let everyone know that we're on the same side. We've got to make Canada nice again.