Thursday, February 25, 2010

Stephen Woodworth Must Be Replaced as Member of Parliament for Kitchener Centre

Stephen Woodworth is the Reform-Conservative MP for Kitchener Centre.

He is a social conservative, anti-abortion and anti-equal marriage. According to campaign Life, he has been circulating a petition to end a woman's right to choose.

He refused to back Libby Davies' motion for a National Housing Strategy and threw his support behind Tim Hudak for leader of the neoconservative Ontario party.

He also referred to the climate change protesters as thugs. Quite a peach, huh?

Woodworth beat incumbent Karen Redman by just 339 votes last election, so clearly vote splitting and apathy paid an huge part. We have to make sure this doesn't happen next election.

Karen Redman will be running again and since strategically she will be the best option to take out Woodworth, I'm throwing my efforts into promoting her.

You can visit Karen's Website here. Her Facebook Page is here.

If you live in Kitchener Centre, here's what you can do:

1. Join the Liberal Party. It's only about $10.00 and is a great way to show your support. They will keep you up to date with what's happening in the community and on the federal scene.

2. If you are able to find a bit of time, volunteer; perhaps with canvassing or some other promotions.

3. If you can afford it at all, donate a bit now and then. I'm set up to contribute a regular monthly donation, but it's whatever you feel comfortable with. Remember that the Conservatives have a lot of wealthy backers and it takes money to launch a campaign.

4. Join Catch 22 Harper Conservatives to learn more tips, and encourage others to join. The Catch 22 page for Stephen Woodworth is here.

5. Join Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament. There are more than 30,000 links to stories with reasons to vote the Reform-Conservatives out. The better informed you are the more motivated you will be.

6. Join Canadians Rallying to Unseat Stephen Harper - a group working to get rid of the Harper government once and for all.

I'll keep this page updated as often as possible and will continue to provide more reasons why Stephen Woodworth and these destructive Reformers have got to go.

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