Saturday, February 27, 2010

Kelly Block Must be Replaced as Member of Parliament for Saskatoon Rosetown Biggar

Kelly Block is the Reform-Conservative Member of Parliament for Saskatoon Rosetown Biggar, who won her seat by only 253 votes, over NDP candidate Nettie Wiebe.

Right off the bat, she went wild with the ten per centers, filling up recycle boxes across the riding; the worst of which was to promote spanking as a normal discipline for children.

This is a woman who speaks at pro-life rallies, but when children are born, refuses to protect them from abuse, feeling more empathy with the 'poor' parents who've lost control of their tempers.

Just another theo-con, and the government has too many of them already.

During the last campaign she refused to debate the other candidates, so we can only gather she was out of her league.

This is one of the ridings that Catch 22 will be adopting. UPDATE: Nettie Wiebe will be running again. Yeah! Since strategically she will be the best option to take out Block, I'm throwing my efforts into promoting her. Her website is here.

Her Facebook page is here.

If you live in this riding, here's what you can do:

1. Join the NDP. It's only about $10.00 and is a great way to show your support. They will keep you up to date with what's happening in the community and on the federal scene.

2. If you are able to find a bit of time, volunteer; perhaps with canvassing or some other promotions.

3. If you can afford it at all, donate a bit now and then. I'm set up to contribute a regular monthly donation, but it's whatever you feel comfortable with. Remember that the Conservatives have a lot of wealthy backers and it takes money to launch a campaign.

4. Join Catch 22 Harper Conservatives to learn more tips, and encourage others to join.

5. Join Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament. There are more than 20,000 links to stories with reasons to vote the Reform-Conservatives out. The better informed you are the more motivated you will be.

I'll keep this page updated as often as possible and will continue to provide more reasons why Kelly Block and these destructive Reformers have got to go.

And I will also provide plenty of information, as to why Nettie Wiebe will be the best for this riding, if in fact she is runing again.

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