Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Update on Jason Kenney and His Party's Attack on Our Flag

Yesterday I posted on Jason Kenney and the Conservatives new ad campaign. I just watched the discussion on Power and Politics, and I have to admit this may have been their most outrageous attack ad yet.

To take a comment made 20 years ago, and try to use it to suggest that Michael Ignatieff is un-Canadian, is beyond belief. But to take first of all a national symbol, and secondly a national brand; and turn it into something so ridiculous is low even for them.

You can watch the video here. It's about 1/3 of the way in.

Mr. Ignatieff placed a phone call to John Matheson, a former Liberal Member of Parliament who had played a prominent role in adopting the red maple leaf as the Flag of Canada, and Mr. Matheson laughed it off.

Something most adults would do.

Will this latest petty stunt work? I doubt it. As one person on the panel stated; it will only make Ignatieff appear human. But it also makes you wonder if this is now the best they've got.

However, I did contact Molsons from their web page and left this message:

I am emailing to draw your attention to a negative ad campaign currently being conducted by the Conservative Party of Canada. Our maple leaf is an iconic symbol, and one that you have always worked hard to present in a positive way. I watch and share your 'Joe Canadian' video constantly, since it represents the very heart and soul of our country.

Now I know that in politics, things can get messy, but on a day when we are celebrating the anniversary of our flag, and cheering our athletes awash in red and white; one political party has chosen to violate our pride by producing beer labels and cartons, identical to your own branding; that include the image of a political opponent, and a 20 year old comment he made.

This was especially distressing, watching the anguish of a mother, as the flag draped coffin of her son returning from Afghanistan, became her symbol of our national pride.

Is this really how you want your company to be represented?


  1. Excellent letter & blog. I occurred to me when I first heard about this Con. prank, that it was incredibly disrespectful of our Canadian athletes at Canada's Olympics, all of whom are competing under Canada's flag. Jason Kenney is even more of an idiot than I realized - which is barely possible. And the Conservatives have absolutely NO class whatsoever.

  2. There is never a time when they can put Canada first. The Conservative Party fortunes are their only concern.