Saturday, February 13, 2010

Update on Olympics Protests. They are Not About the Athletes.

Yesterday, approximately twenty five hundred protesters in Vancouver, came out to voice their concerns, not just over the enormous cost and spectacle of the Olympics, but also the death of our democracy and the need for drastic changes.

The Tyee confirmed that it mostly peaceful:

"I'm not surprised that there was a small amount of violence, but overall everyone behaved very well," said Michael Byers, a UBC professor and member of the 2010 Olympics Civil Liberties Advisory Committee.

"It's a pretty positive vibe out here."

Today's protest is the first major demonstration against the 2010 Games. It climaxes years of speculation about the potential for confrontation between protesters and a $900 million Olympics security force. Police in bright yellow jackets watched the proceedings from the sidelines, but did not appear intent on an intervention. 

In New York , The Nation Magazine confirms that ,"... protesters are finding wide support among the local public."

Most Canadian newspapers are inferring that this is an attack on the athletes and columnists are suggesting that we let patriotism rule the day.

However, this isn't about the athletes, or our patriotism; but a protest against our government and their removal of the public from decisions made on our behalf.

Besides, Stephen Harper gave up his right to cry patriotism when he allowed a U.S. firm to build the ugly Canadian pavilion.

And he gave up his right to cry patriotism, when he allowed Arnold Schwarzenegger to carry the Olympic flame, clearly going for celebrity over national pride.

And he gave up his right to cry patriotism, when he handed over our country on a silver platter, to the U.S.A., with his horrendous 'Buy American' trade off.

So protesters are not attacking our athletes. But what I find more offensive is the fact that the pollsters are salivating over whether or not Harper's feel good appearance at these events will give him a boost in the polls.

So who's unpatriotic now?


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