Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Harper Plans to Exploit Olympics - We Need to Stand up to This

While our esteemed dictator continues to entertain us with his musings, we find today's message comes not from the holy one, but from his personal media source, Pravda Ca-na-da; also known as Canwest Media.

The writers there are down right giddy now, believing that Harper's ace-in-the-hole will be the announcement from one his disciples, brother Gary Lunn, that Conservative ministers will be handing out all the medals at the Olympics.

Now personally, I think seeing them there, when they are supposed to be at work, will only fan the flames of our anger over sending our elected representatives away so they don't have to contend with the ignorant masses.

I intend to fight back in my own little way by creating photo shops from their photo-ops and making sure everyone knows that these guys support the end of our democracy. I was originally hoping the crowd would boo them, but I don't want to take any glory away from the winning athletes.

So mine will be a silent protest. I mean they've already made a right mess out of this event, what harm can come from seeing their mugs plastered all over the newspapers?

Besides, we'll be able to take care of next years' Christmas gifts - instant dartboards.

Harper government hopes to reap political gains from Games
Ottawa staked a strong claim with its financial commitment to the 2010 Olympics. B.C., meanwhile, bears the brunt of the criticism
February 2nd, 2010
By Canwest Global
Canwest News Service

The Olympic Winter Games are as much a political as an athletic event, with attendance confirmed by Prime Minister Stephen Harper and at least seven of
his cabinet members.

Ottawa has invested a whack of cash (our cash, I might add) in the Games and has a number of goals it wants to achieve by way of the extravaganza. Lest there be any doubt about ownership, the federal government's website, canada2010.gc.ca, makes it clear: "Although the 2010 Winter Olympics will be staged in Vancouver and Whistler, they are Canada's Games." (Good point. So why are they becoming the Conservatives games?)

I went over to that article and left a response.

I had to read your headline several times and then hope that the article was satiric. Do you honestly believe that seeing Harper or any other MPs at the Olympics is going to make us feel all warm and fuzzy?

It will only be a reminder that they are at the games when they are supposed to working.

And for the record, that is OUR money that they are throwing around and at a time of economic instability, it again makes me wonder if Harper is really trying to pilot us through this recession or is simply charting his own course.

Besides, if these were really Canada’s games, as they suggest. Why did they have an American firm build the Canadian pavilion?

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