Friday, February 12, 2010

Why Dimitri Soudas Must Be Fired Immediately

Anyone who has watched the 1973 movie the Exorcist, might remember the scene where Linda Blair's head starts spinning and she spews fake vomit.

Stephen Harper's spokesperson, Dimitri Soudas, reminds me of that scene. Constantly spinning and spewing verbal vomit.

Yet, he now represents our only line of communication to the prime minister, and in a democratic country, this should be totally unacceptable.

Especially since he is nothing more than a hyper partisan bully, who has become a total embarrassment to us and the office of the prime minister.

And as an employee of the Canadian taxpayer, why is he now replacing elected representatives on discussion panels? Will he be the only voice we hear from the entire party now?

However, his performance this week, during the protests in Vancouver over the government's announcement that it would be challenging the decision to keep the Insite safe injection facility open, was an all time low for a man notorious for ridiculous stunts.

I doubt however, that he would have bothered to mention the protest at all, since it is a fairly common scene. But realizing that NDP Libby Davis was there in support of her constituents, gave him a perfect opportunity for a little partisan knee capping.

So he fired off this email to the Ottawa Press Gallery:
Veterans, seniors and young children are currently being prevented from exiting or entering the Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Vancouver because of the Libby Davis “welcoming committee” has taped all exits shut. This is a lack of respect for seniors, veterans canadians (sic) of chinese (sic) origin and the young kids inside the building. The situation has created a security risk for all the people currently in the building. Some doors have been chained or taped shut while people were preparing for a Chinese New Year rehearsal.

He only left out puppies. There were also puppies trapped inside.

This is absolutely ridiculous. If this had been a hostage crisis, as implied by the email; the Swat team would have moved in. There was a bicycle chain placed on a door that the police had removed. The tape mentioned was symbolically placed around the building, but anyone could step over it or go under it, and it did not impede entrance to, or exit from, the building.

And as one person put it:

.. I am making no excuses for anyone chaining doors. I do find it curious yet typical that Soudas jumps up and accuses Libby Davies of organizing the event and of holding people hostage. Wasn't Soudas the same guy who jumped to conclusions in Copenhagen and publicly wrongly blamed a Montreal environmental activist for the Yes Men fake website stunt?

Another thing that strikes me as very odd is that with all of the heightened security in Vancouver, that the PM's entourage could not be escorted through a relatively small crowd of demonstrators. According to reports I've heard, the ability of a small number of people to disrupt the PM's schedule is giving encouragement to those who have larger demonstrations in the works.

See this is what happens when you have a prime minister who refuses to address the people. No press conferences, and only approved questions with scripted answers. This has got to change.

And it will.

Because the Canadian people are going to make bloody sure that it does. If we have to call out every single media personality who allows themselves to accept this lack of communication, we will. We have to.

But for now, our immediate concern is getting rid of Dimitri Soudas.

So Christopher White, founder of Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament, has suggested that we all email Stephen Harper, but make sure that we also copy that email to the leaders of the opposition parties and our own MP.

Maybe if there are enough complaints, we can make it happen. Here are the email addresses and you can can look up your own MP's here.

Stephen Harper:

Michael Ignatieff:

Jack Layton:

Gilles Duceppe:

Elizabeth May:

Just let him know that as the employer of Mr. Soudas you demand his resignation, because he does not represent the interests of the Canadian people, only the interests of the Conservative Party of Canada. And that is simply NOT GOOD ENOUGH!

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