Tuesday, February 9, 2010

More Information on Harper's Sale of Canada: Goodbye Public Service

More information is being brought forward on Harper's official sale of Canada to Multinational corporations, in particular the United States.

We may have thought that our ruthless dictator's prorogation was just about the war crimes issue, but in fact it is now clear, that it was to bring forward this horrendous trade agreement that will create more unemployment and small business foreclosures, than we've ever seen in our lifetime.

The door is now open for American and multinational corporations to bid on our public services, meaning that many jobs will disappear, as they become automated and performed outside the country.

And you need to understand something. These companies are not just foreign owned, but foreign controlled, so will benefit Canada very little.

This will go down in our history as akin to Manhattan being sold for a handful of beads. Hell, we didn't even get the beads. We just got the shaft.

Don’t Buy Into The Buy American Exemption
February 9, 2010

With Canadians already reeling from Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s extraordinary decision to prorogue Canada’s parliament for the second time in less than a year, the Conservatives landed a second blow to democracy in this country. It came when International Trade Minister Peter Van Loan announced details of a special new Buy America exemption deal with the United States last week.

As if shutting down Parliament wasn’t a big enough signal to Canadians that they have no control in setting their country’s priorities and agenda, this deal again demonstrates the Conservatives’ disdain for the principles of democracy in this country. What may very well be the most significant trade agreement Canada has negotiated since NAFTA was negotiated behind closed doors, announced during a parliamentary shut down without any opposition dissent and debate, and lacked any input from the Canadian public.

Buy American deal gives away Canadian procurement sovereignty
National Office News Release
February 9, 2010

OTTAWA—The tentative Buy American deal fails to gain a meaningful exemption for Canadian suppliers from provisions in the U.S. stimulus package while permanently curtailing provincial and municipal procurement sovereignty, says a new analysis of the deal from the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA).

“The agreement is highly unbalanced and provides significantly better access for U.S. suppliers to the Canadian procurement market than for Canadian suppliers to U.S. stimulus projects,” says senior CCPA trade researcher Scott Sinclair.

Back room deals bad for Saskatchewan

It has been reported that all 10 provinces have agreed to sign the WTO agreement, which will restrict the ability of provincial and municipal governments to support domestic firms employing Canadian workers when they procure goods and services. In return, Canadian businesses will receive a limited exemption from Buy American provisions in the US stimulus spending package.

“Mr. Harper calls it a “breakthrough deal”, but we fail to see why. It is widely accepted that Canadian businesses would only have potential access to a very limited amount of funding delivered under only the current U.S. stimulus program. The Americans have not agreed to permanent access of any kind and most of the money has already been spoken for.

I don't know what we can do without Parliament and no real Governor General, but we MUST START MAKING SOME NOISE!!!!

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