Friday, February 5, 2010

Maude Barlow Says We Should be Outraged Over Harper's Latest Selling Off of Canada. I Know I Am! WARNING RANT!!!

Of all the horrible, horrendous things this jackass has done to this country, his latest fiasco is the worst.

He has put our water, health care and public services on the chopping block, by including them in the NAFTA deal under the guise of a Buy American rescue.

We have nothing left.

Once the Americans get their hands on our health care it will no longer be sustainable.

That ignoramus Peter Van Loon (and no that's not a typo), who already signed a new security agreement with the U.S. allowing the American military unlimited access to Canada, has now inked the official sale of our country.

And let's not forget Jay Hill's little slippery move. Canada will no longer be able to refuse to go to war with the Americans, but must now go wherever in the hell they tell us to go.

Harper's agenda is no longer secret and this country no longer belongs to us. That no good bastard has won. And we have no Governor General and no Parliament. I guess the joke is on us. Even if we get Mr. Slippery out of power, it may be too late. How did we let this happen?

And I swear to God if I read one column tomorrow hailing Harper as a hero, I'm proroguing the whole lot of them. This media being asleep at the the wheel, has helped to create this monster.

Don’t celebrate this deal
Canada has given up too much and received too little in its negotiations over ‘Buy American’
By Maude Barlow and Stuart Trew
February 5, 2010

The Buy American breakthrough announced by the Harper government yesterday is anything but. Canadian companies have secured very little new access to U.S. public infrastructure spending and at a large cost to public policy space for Canadian provinces and cities. It is an ideological rather than an economic coup for a government whose real goals are weakening public services and reducing the role of government across the country.

... “This deal is not a breakthrough, just another assault on democracy by the Harper government.

(Maude Barlow is national chairperson and Stuart Trew is a trade campaigner with the Council of Canadians. )

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