Saturday, February 6, 2010

Tony Clement Gets Speech Lessons From Jason Kenney. Now They Both Sound Like Idiots

Conrad Black, the former newspaper magnate and engineer of the Reform/Neoconservative movement in Canada, had a way with words.

Or should I say he had his way with words.

To mask his buffoonery, he became a wordsmith, and no matter what the question, his answer always included a bit of palaver that would have the questioner running to his dictionary for a definition, and then wonder what the possible context could be.

Well our little Jason Kenney fancies himself to be a wordsmith too, and like Black, his words of the day, rarely have a bloody thing to do with the topic being discussed. But that doesn't stop our little Jas from trying, poor thing.

I was reading an article recently discussing criticisms that Harper was getting from his own party. Quoting an MP who asked not to be identified, the statement was so convoluted, but with that magical medieval word, I knew right away who it was. She should have just said an MP who asked not to be identified, but his name rhymes with Mason Benney.

So has Jason Kenney been tutoring Tony Clement on how to sound like a fool?

After referring to educated Canadians as the 'chattering class' and the press gallery as the 'Ottawa media elite'; Clement had to find a way to put himself above the vast number of adults (and a large percentage of children) in this country, who are smarter than he.

So when defending his party's removal of the public and those pesky elected officials, he stated yesterday:

“We’ve used the intercession quite strategically to make sure that we are connected to Canadians’ concerns, their hopes, their aspirations.”

Intercession? Strange choice of word. By definition an intercession is:

1. An act or instance of interceding - but we never asked them to intercede on our behalf. In fact we protested strongly against it.

2. An interposing or pleading on behalf of another person - again no mandate from us.

3. From Roman history. the interposing of a veto, as by a tribune - This certainly fits since they vetoed all public debate.

4. A prayer to God on behalf of another - Bingo. When Stockwell Day was named to head up the treasury, it was a clear message to those of us who have followed the neoconservative movement, that the destruction of Canada was about to commence. And when the Christian extremist Darrel Reid, was named Harper's Chief of Staff; we knew that our constitution would be replaced with the old Testament.

I don't know whether to feel sad, angry or frightened. These guys still have a month of unbridled power. Look what they've already accomplished without debate:

- They've gutted our human rights agencies.

- They've cut funding to the Canadian Council on Learning and publicly announced that education was not a priority.

- They've put our public health care on the chopping block by making it part of NAFTA. Now that the Americans can get their hands on our Medicare it will no longer be sustainable.

- They've made a deal to privatize our civil service and are giving the contract to the Europeans. Heaven forbid a Canadian should benefit from anything. This is horrible because these good union jobs provide much needed revenue in the form of income tax. They also create consumers who again contribute through the GST. This move will further reduce government revenue, making it almost impossible to take care of our citizens.

- They've cut funding and threatened to further cut funding, to any NGO who dares to challenge Israeli aggression, while they build their damn boats.

- They've turned Haiti into a militarized zone.

- They've put out tenders under NAFTA to provide dairy products to our prisons that were once provided by an excellent rehabilitation project; the prison farms.

- They've cut 99% of the funding to Planned Parenthood, an agency that promoted women's health issues, suggesting they were abortion brokers.

- They've cancelled plans to build an HIV Vaccine plant, for fear that people receiving the vaccine might be gay.

At a time like this we need a real Governor General. Someone we could go to and ask her to stop this nonsense. But instead we've got little more than a Barbie doll, who loves the glitz and glamour, but has no idea what this country means to us.

Obviously this is what Tony Clement meant when he stated "... We’ve used the intercession quite strategically..." He has been pretty cocky, strutting around telling us to 'vote them out'.

We will and we'll take our country back, but will there by anything left by then? It's not looking good.

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