Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Politicians are Starting to Take CAPP Seriously

Some people, probably Conservative insiders, are trying to suggest that there's no difference between Michael Ignatieff and Stephen Harper, so why not go with the devil we know.

But I can assure you that Mr. Ignatieff is absolutely nothing like our dictator. I can't imagine him ever doing anything like this just for power.

His students have often said that what they liked about him the most, was that he listened. He didn't profess to have all the answers and instead made them think.

This has become evident the past few weeks, as the Liberals have been entertaining experts from across the country. What a refreshing change. The Reformers refer to experts as 'University Types' and academics as 'elitists'.

I was pleased to learn that the Liberal Party contacted the founder of our group, Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament, Christopher White; to listen to his ideas and probably tap into his success with social media (CAPP now has 223,954 members).

He will be attending one of their sessions and hopefully will get to also meet some of the other opposition parties. I mentioned on CBC that if politicians ignored the powerful combination of motivated citizens and technology, it would be at their peril.

Chris is also hoping to talk with Stephen Harper, but good luck with that. I think he'd have better success being granted an interview with Bin Laden, and he's dead.

Susan Delacourt of the Star, also highlights the differences between the two men. Seemingly subtle but immensely important. Mr. Ignatieff gets who we are. Stephen Harper simply does not.

Michael Ignatieff's turn to talk up Canada
In U.S. magazine article, Liberal leader gives his view of our identity
February 6, 2010
Susan Delacourt Ottawa Bureau

OTTAWA–It is Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff's turn to try to explain the Canadian experience to Americans, writing in New York Times Magazine about Canada and its role as host of the coming Winter Olympics ....

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