Monday, February 8, 2010

Canada's Unemployment Situation Has Reached Epidemic Proportions

So while Stevie's been recalibrating, Canada's employment situation has ground to a halt, and been run over by a semi.

Recent reports that suggest increases in jobs for December and January, hide the facts that more and more, Canadians who once held good paying positions, are now having to accept minimum wage temporary employment.

The real stories lie behind the numbers.

I spoke with a young man recently who is only getting 8 hours a week stocking shelves at a pharmacy. Another has gone from making $22.00 an hour, to working piece meal for a courier service. They would be part of those 43,000.

And since Stephen Harper has been working behind the scenes for more than a year, to privatize our civil service, this will get worse. The contract has been offered to the European Union and once the need for profit enters the workforce, it will spell disaster.

Many of our services will leave the county, and with it thousands of jobs. We have a structural problem here.

The President of the Auto Workers Union, reveals the truth behind the numbers.

Rising employment number masks devastated job market
Analysts hail recovery but deeper probing reveals more precarious situation for workers
February 8, 2010
Ken Lewenza Canadian Auto Workers National President

It's predictable. The minute the new Labour Force Survey results are released to the public each month, economists and politicians fall all over themselves making grand pronouncements about the health of our job market and direction of the economy ....

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