Tuesday, February 9, 2010

While Stephen Harper Sinks to a New Low, Sam Philips Takes CAPP Higher Than We've Ever Been

How's that for a sensational headline?

Someone just sent that video to CAPP's live feed, and I can't tell you how disgusted I am. That coward is once again trying to discredit our troops to save his own behind. Unbelievable.

I had to correct an article I read yesterday in the Jamaica Gleaner, where columnist John Rapley stated: "Over the Christmas holidays, faced with a parliamentary enquiry into abuses of Afghan prisoners by Canadian soldiers, Harper asked the Canadian governor general to prorogue parliament. "

I didn't want him thinking that the enquiry was into prisoners abused by Canadian soldiers, but that's exactly the perception people are getting, as Harper continues to shift the blame from himself and his government, to our troops.

But now for some good news.

One of our members, Sam Philips created a beautiful mace (be sure to scroll down and see all the photos), that he has been sending across the country.

It represents our democracy, or lack thereof:

It was early in the year 2010 when Canada's Prime Minister, Stephen Harper was getting too many uncomfortable questions. In need of some time to rest and recalibrate, he decided, "I know! I'll do something nice for all of the hard working Members of Parliament!"
Given that democracy was no longer needed around the house, the Parliamentary Mace found itself without much to do. So, it decided to do a tour around the country to see some of the people who still care about it.

Mr. Philips carefully maps out the journey of the mace, and provides photos of it's cross country trek.

Be sure to follow his blog as the story unravels. Humorous and insightful.

And as for Harper's ugly attack ad above - Prorogue it. Nice to see he's working on something anyway.

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