Thursday, February 18, 2010

Peter Braid Must be Replaced as Member of Parliament for Kitchener-Waterloo

Peter Braid won his seat in 2008, to become the Member of Parliament for Kitchener-Waterloo; by just 17 votes.

And while the Reformers have been throwing a lot of money; our money, into this area, knowing that Braid could be vulnerable next election; the MP himself has been a disgrace.

From meddling in student affairs to his abysmal performance on Power and Politics, he has proven that he is simply not cut out for the job.

Canadians deserve better than this and Kichener-Waterloo deserves better than this.

So his is a riding that I will be working on, helping in whatever way I can to promote his competition and expose his weaknesses. Braid also has a pretty heavy hitter, Kenneth Tam, on his communications team, so this will be all about messaging, something we'll have to counter.

Last election his closest competitor was Liberal Andrew Telegdi, who registered 21,813 votes to Braid's 21,830. Vote-splitting definitely affected the outcome, something we need to keep in mind.

UPDATE: I've learned two things. This definitely is one of the ridings that Catch 22 will be adopting and that Andrew Telegdi will be running again.

Since strategically he will be the best option to take out Braid, I'm throwing my efforts into promoting him. He's an experienced member of Parliament with an excellent record. I especially like his strong stand for human rights, something that out current government has all but abandoned.

Mr. Telegdi's website is here and his Facebook Page is here. You can read a great letter to the editor about Braid here:

I was also given a link to another Facebook group set up to remove him called MP Peter Braid Out of Office, so join that as well.

And you can email the Liberal riding president for Kitchener-Waterloo at this address: You can write a letter to the editor here:

We will get this riding back and we will take our country back. If you live in kitchener-Waterloo, here's what you can do:

1. Join the Liberal Party. It's only about $10.00 and is a great way to show your support. They will keep you up to date with what's happening in the community and on the federal scene.

2. If you are able to find a bit of time, volunteer; perhaps with canvassing or some other promotions.

3. If you can afford it at all, donate a bit now and then. I'm set up to contribute a regular monthly donation, but it's whatever you feel comfortable with. Remember that the Conservatives have a lot of wealthy backers and it takes money to launch a campaign.

4. Join Catch 22 Harper Conservatives to learn more tips, and encourage others to join. The web page for Braid is here.

5. Join Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament. There are more than 20,000 links to stories with reasons to vote the Reform-Conservatives out. The better informed you are the more motivated you will be.

6. Join Canadians Rallying to Unseat Stephen Harper - a group working to get rid of the Harper government once and for all.

I'll keep this page updated as often as possible and will continue to provide more reasons why Peter Braid and these destructive Reformers have got to go.

And I will also provide plenty of information, as to why Andrew Telegdi must be brought back.


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  1. For the first time in many years we have had a government I can be proud of and have full confidence in their ability to provide good governance. Trust in God's guidance and corporate prayer has again become a strong force directing a significant number of our representatives. God is not mocked. Woe to you who call good, evil and evil, good. Trudeau's amoral 'just society' has ushered in a generation that has a sense of entitlement without any sense of responsibility or moral ethics. The humanistic approach to human nature has provided ample proof that it is totally wrong. People are not getting better - society and family life have been sadly eroded by the selfish, grasping attitude propagated by liberal, socialist thinking. If there is a danger to the future of Canada, it is to be found on this website and in your flawed thinking. Someday you will answer for it - judgment is coming - be warned and repent while you can.

  2. I respect your opinion but God is not mocked, nor is he exploited. Stephen Harper fell because he was in contempt of Parliament, a serious thing. He will go down in history as a man who refused to respect our Parliamentary system. He wants the opposition to be concerned with the economy but then refuses to provide the costs of his bills.

    God had nothing to do with this.