Monday, January 4, 2010

Rona Ambrose Has Been a Disappointment But is Still Cause For Concern

Rona Ambrose is the Reform-Conservative member of Parliament for Edmonton–Spruce Grove, and currently Minister of Labour.

Her riding was created in 2003 and she was it's first MP. Mind you, she spent a lot of money to get that seat. In 2008, a total of $94,219; five times more than the Liberal candidate and ten times more than the NDP.

However, that doesn't mean she isn't deserving of the job. She's extremely bright and well educated; not that we ever really get to know that.

As a Harper Reformer, she only gets to speak when spoken to.

Instead, he places her to his right, and more often than not, when he is speaking; we will see her sitting over his shoulder, looking bored, and wishing she was anywhere but there. I don't blame her.

As a Libertarian, she promotes an economy unfettered by government regulations. This is not a good thing for Canadians, because we saw a sample of what this means with the Listeriosis outbreak.

I also have trouble with her pro-corporate stance. Promoting Canadian industry is essential, but all Canadians should benefit from this country's vast natural resources, not just a chosen few; especially when many of those 'chosen' are not even Canadian.

And I'm concerned with her participation in the controversial Trilateral Commission, which has links to the pro-military Council on Foreign Relations. The CFR does not have the scary religious overtones of the Council for National Policy, but they can be just as secretive and disturbing.

Ambrose will probably win the next election, and everyone after. Her riding is very white bread, with an average annual income of almost $100,000 and a less than 4% unemployment rate.

But we can put her on the other side of the room, in opposition, and out of government; by highlighting the horrendous actions of the Harper government.

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