Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Lawrence Cannon Story: Intelligent Incompetence

Lawrence Cannon is not a stupid man. In fact he is well educated and came from a long line of prominent Canadian 'university types'.

So why does he always come off so oafish?

His father was a government lawyer and his uncle a Supreme Court judge. He was not raised by apes. But when I listen to him talk or read of his assorted quotes or actions, I think what the hell?

I would expect this nonsense from one of the ignorant gladiators in the party. He's sort of almost deputy prime minister; clearly to Harper what Sarah Palin was to John McCain. An utter embarrassment.

I'm doing something a little different with my blog, trying to organize archives, etc. so I'm using this page to link my stories on Cannon and his misfires.

Feel free to use anything. We've got to start preparing ourselves for the next election, by reminding Canadians that Stephen Harper is not the only problem this party has. They are the wrong fit for Canada and really must be put out to pasture, before they completely destroy this country.

Cannon is still denying Richard Colvin's allegations, but if the unredacted memos are ever made public, don't be too surprised to see his name mentioned. He's seems to have little regard for human rights or human decency.

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