Saturday, January 16, 2010

Family Squabbles With a Twist: Arthur and Peter Kent

I've posted on the two Kent brothers recently, focusing in part on how different they are.

Arthur Kent is a seasoned journalist who has broken ties with the corporate media, so can report on issues more honestly and openly.

Peter Kent, on the other hand is a true, blue Reformer, and his actions against Lesley Hughes revealed that he had shed any credibility he might have once had as a journalist.

Arthur Kent has also been openly critical of the Harper government for supporting the corrupt Karzai regime, among other things. And he has warned our ambassadors in the past about the drug trade in Afghanistan.

They just refused to listen and Harper forbid them from speaking of anything nasty

Ambassador Covered Up Cracks In The Regime
Arthur Kent
November 24, 2009

But Arif Lalani and his superiors in Canada’s Conservative government were staunch in their support for Karzai - and busy staunching unflattering facts about his ministries and security services, as has now been confirmed by a Foreign Affairs whistleblower.

Richard Colvin, a senior field investigator who went on to serve as Lalani’s number two at the Canadian Embassy, has accused officials including Lalani and David Mulroney, the former head of Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Afghan task force, of censoring his reports about the abuse of prisoners transferred by Canadian troops to the Karzai regime’s security services ....

Jane Taber now discusses this family squabble in the Globe. Well worth a read.

Prorogation riles many Canadians - and splits the Kent family
Jane Taber
January 15, 2009

Peter Kent isn’t feeling the love from his little brother these days.

Arthur is the brother in question – an award-winning foreign correspondent, whose reporting (and good looks) during the first Iraq war earned him the nickname the “Scud Stud.”

Arthur Kent is based in Calgary. Besides making documentaries, he has of late been writing thoughtful but extremely pointed pieces critical of Stephen Harper and his government’s decision to shut down Parliament. He says the Prime Minister prorogued Parliament to try to contain the damage from the fghan detainee inquiry ....

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