Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Blake Richards Story: Shameless Self-Promotion

Reform MP Blake Richards, may not be biggest self-promoter in the Reform-Conservative Party , but he could sure give John Baird and Pierre Poilievre a run for their money.

His riding is one of the safest in the country, because it's been Reform since the birth of the party; but to hear this MP talk, you'd think he was their Messaih.

Let's face it. A donkey could run on the Reform ballot for that riding and win it hands down. In fact, that's kind of what happened.

But Blaikie is a good little 'praise the Lord and pass the ammunition' Reformer. Salutes the flag, bends over for the US, and refuses to be accountable to anyone.

He may also be the biggest twit .. er .. I mean twitterer, on the planet. If you want to know what he had for lunch ... he'll twit you with the info ... want to know what his party is doing with our money ... he'll have to get back to you.

Some of his responses might not be quite what he expected though. Things like:

"It feels like the Reform days! But you know all about that."

"Taxpayers should be very happy especially after learning they'll be paying MPs to stay home for 2 months."

I guess Blaikie let the cat out of the bag on cancelling election rebates, because one responder asked "do you have a link to this victory on elections rebates?" I do.

Could you explain to me how proroguing parliament will help the economy? Thank you.

Why do MPs need 2 month break? My boss not going to pay me to take next 2 months off. R U passing on paycheck?

Just imagine how good you'll be after you two month Harper Holiday!

(After boasting of a meeting) But aren't all the companies at XIron mills American or otherwise foreign, so your $$ won't be stimulating our economy?

When you think about Harper you need a hat. You have to have something to throw-up in!

Wrong! The laziest people are eligible citizens who don't take the time to VOTE!

Why no focus on peacekeeping in the guide? Are we a war making country now?

Very nice, but please say 'Government of Canada' not 'Canada's Conservative Government. So much more dignified & accurate.

Harpo's ditherings on the China file meant ADS has been delayed almost 4 years!


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