Friday, January 21, 2011

Yelling at the Radio? I Know the Feeling

There is an excellent piece in the Tyee: Yelling Back at the Radio, One working guy's rant not likely to get through on the call-in shows.

Ernie Raj Peshkov-Chow speaks of his frustration in having to listen to right-wing nonsense. If you go on the Corporate Party of Canada's website, they actually tell you what to say, in an attempt to monopolize the airwaves.

Owning the newspapers and television isn't enough.
You know who really, really makes me mad? Workers who buy into the bullshit that the right-wingers are selling. I mean smarten up, eh! Think. Read a little history. Radio talk show hosts, newspaper columnists, TV celebrity idiots, preachers and politicians who want to weaken or destroy unions, get rid of minimum wages, cut public services, chop pensions, encourage private schools, get rid of corporate regulation, say government-paid healthcare is bad, start wars and promote hatred based on skin colour or religion are not on our side. They want to divide us. They are working for the rich folks who prefer a world based on the principle of one dollar, one vote rather than one person, one vote. They are our enemies, not our friends.
He said it. We need more people to rant like that. There's many times I've felt like Mr. Raj Peshkov-Chow.

In fact I had to cancel my Whig Standard after 35 years, now that it's Sun Media. When I get a full-size pin-up of Stephen Harper and columns by both Ezra Levant and Peter Worthington on the same day, it's time to call it quits.

And our local television "news" is worse. At CKWS their anchors sing out the news with all the banality of a talk show host. And political discussion shows? Don't get me started.

You'd hear more intelligent debate in Mrs. O'Grady's kindergarten class when Cindy Lou tells Bobby, that she can too pee standing up.

Right-wing noise is deafening us all. It's time to start yelling back.

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  1. I'm would cancel the paper, too, Emily. We long ago cancelled our Medicine Hat News, so we can't cancel it again.
    Your photo of the 'clean streets' sign made me laugh, and cry. There are homeless people even here, on the cold bald prairie, where it can get down to -30 and you can walk across the river. Nobody can sleep under the bridges here.