Friday, January 21, 2011

To All You Us's. 70% of Canadians Underwhelmed with Harper Regime. Now Who's Just Visiting?

It's interesting, that as the Harper government is reaching their fifth anniversary, many in the media are calling it his "rule". Like we are his royal subjects.

But a recent survey indicates that only 30% of Canadians believe we are better off under King Steve. 38% say worse and the rest about the same or unsure. It's those remaining 32% that we have to go after and educate. You'll never convince Harper's base of anything.

And we can do it.

The above is a counter to the attack ads. I'm getting so tired of nonsense.


  1. Super, Emily. I'm glad you included Raymond Burr. He went to school with my dad in New Westminster, BC.
    There are plenty of others, too. You could do one including Michael J. Fox in the TV ad for last year's Olympics (he's from BC, too).
    Now we need someone to put these ads on TV. We could easily adapt them for radio, even for newspaper ads. Only thing missing is money. LOL