Saturday, January 15, 2011

Thank you Jack Layton. You are Right About Afghanistan

Jack Layton has come out publicly stating that Canadian trainers in Afghanistan will end up in combat positions.

He's absolutely right. In fact two American soldiers training Iraqi troops, were killed recently.

I have a real problem with this issue, and hope that we can convince the Liberals to change their position. I read Bob Rae's justifications, and agreed with them to a certain extent. He seems to genuinely care. But I still don't support our staying in that country even a moment longer.

I'm just afraid that if this becomes an election issue for the NDP, it could further split the left and Harper will get his majority.

The Liberals and NDP have to call a truce. It doesn't mean that they can't aggressively campaign, as I believe that many people may vote strategically this election. But if Harper gets in again, especially with a majority, we'll be toast.

But thank you Jack Layton. It took courage to take a stand. And if they call you 'Taliban Jack' again because of it, wear it with pride.

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  1. I agree, the NDP and the Liberals have got to get together. I honestly don't think I could stand Harper for another term.