Thursday, January 13, 2011

Kingston's Alicia Gordon is a Day Late and a Dollar Short

After Brian Abrams, our Conservative candidate in Kingston stepped down, the party never mentioned even a nominee.

Now local businesswoman and auctioneer, Alicia Gordon, is throwing her hat into the ring.

I like Gordon. I often attended her auctions. She is smart and funny and I know she would be a hard worker.

Unfortunately, she is running for the wrong party. If we still had our Tories, I would probably not only vote for her, but help out with her campaign. But that party is gone and I cannot with good conscience support neoconservatism in any fashion.

She stated that she was running on a campaign of social services and I actually laughed out loud. She might as well have said that she running on saving the gun registry, cancelling the malfunctioning F-35 contract and raising corporate taxes.

She doesn't have a chance.

I am curious though, how she will handle this new party. Her husband ran years ago, replacing Flora MacDonald. I actually voted for him.

But this party does not allow their representatives to have their own views. Everything is scripted. Alicia is pretty outspoken. Could be trouble.

Nice to know that Senator Hugh Segal is helping her out. It will give him something to do.

He was a no-show during the Prison Farm protests and completely abandoned the disabled on Nortel pensions. I was afraid he might get fat with all that sitting around. At least he'll be "earning" the $ 133,000.00 salary we're paying him.

He also mentions that some high-profile Kingstonians will be joining her campaign. How much 'ya wanna' bet Don Cherry will be leading a pink parade?



  1. With friends like that, I guess your Alicia doesn't need enemies.
    Apropos of almost nothing, I just thought I'd pass along this quotation from a man who knew what he stood for:
    Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen. - Winston Churchill
    -- K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
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  2. 'SHEEPLE' - Caucus Confidential in Steve Harper's Ottawa

    Garth Turner was a freshly-elected Member of Parliament when he was dooced… the first politician in Canada – possibly the world – to be fired for his web site. For the unacceptably honest and blunt opinions that appeared on his site – especially those critical of colleague Steve Harper – Turner was threatened by party operatives, stripped of his caucus and party affiliation, reviled, shunned and left for dead.

    Was his blogging a betrayal? Or the future of a more democratic politics?