Friday, January 14, 2011

Just When You Thought the Republicans Couldn't Get Any Stupider

I read a headline today and I thought it was a joke: Republicans eye a return to George. W. Bush's budget. Are they kidding me? George Bush almost bankrupted the country and they want a rerun of that?

And Obama is now reaching out to big business. I am not anti-corporation, but the only reaching out that should be done to big business, is an extended hand demanding some of the taxpayers money back. Corporations have become dependants of the state and governments appear to be quite willing to be enablers to their addictions.

They need a time out.

One million homes were repossessed in the United States last year. That's where Obama's attention should be. Not on pandering to corporations. They had their turn. The trough is empty.

And Republican money launderer Tom Delaye, is blaming the Liberals for his troubles. Of course he is. Heaven forbid he should take responsibility for his criminal activity.

This should be a very interesting and frightening two years.

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