Monday, January 31, 2011

Stephen Harper and the Americanization of Canada

While Harper's attack ads suggest that Michael Ignatieff is too fond of the United States because he taught at Harvard for five years, it's interesting to look back at Harper's five years in power, and just how tied HE is to the United States.

I tried to make a short video to give some idea, but I had to leave many things out.

Like the aggressive trade deal 'Buy American':

Last week the Council of Canadians, along with the Canadian Union of Public Employees, leaked a copy of the Canada-U.S. Agreement on government procurement (the "Buy American" deal) to the media. It was the first time the wide-sweeping deal, which will permanently constrain provincial spending options in many areas, had been put forward for public scrutiny. This deal binds the provinces to World Trade Organization (WTO) rules on public spending – something they had been unwilling to do until now, for very good reasons.
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  1. It's an old trick, if you're doing something you know is wrong, accuse your opponent of doing the same thing, so people will be watching him instead of you. Harper's an expert on that. Michael Ignatieff is no more American than my kid brother, whose work in the US meant advancement in his chosen career. When he had gained knowledge and international credibility, he came home to Canada to put that knowledge to work and, in doing so, provide jobs for Canadians.

  2. Exactly. Besides Canadians were really only concerned about that when George Bush was around. It's the sovereignty that Stephen Harper has been trading away that concerns me.

  3. Well, I've said for years the only other country we have to worry about is the one we share 6000 kilometres of undefended border with. It was only a matter of time before we ended up with a PM ready to give Canada away.
    The good thing is, I don't think Barack Obama wants to invade us. Harper is one president too late. Now we have to get rid of him before the Americans elect another Republican. Those silly 16 jets won't do us a bit of good if the US decides to send troops into Canada.
    Everybody has pooh-poohed me for saying that, and now, when we have a Bush-loving Prime Minister, most of the country is buying his lies.