Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Army of Us's. Time to Put Harper's Coalition Nonsense to Rest

I don't watch much television, but did catch part of Harper's TV ad, where they are talking about the coalition. They have also posted a piece on the Corporate Party of Canada's website suggesting that Michael Ignatieff has a "secret" coalition plan.

By now most Canadians know that a coalition is a normal situation in a Parliamentary system. In fact, Stockwell Day attempted to join forces with the Bloc in 2000, and Harper with both the Bloc and NDP in 2004.

You will find all the links here.

The irony is that Michael Ignatieff was never really keen on the idea, and in fact it was he who ultimately saved Harper's bacon by voting for the budget in early 2009. He did it because the majority of Canadians at the time, wanted it.

And what did he get for his efforts? Harper immediately started running "just visiting" ads.

The man has no soul.

This is just a reminder that if anyone looks at this vain attempt to drum up support, by playing the victim, that we are all armed with the right information.

Stephen Harper must really be getting desperate, flogging the same old lies.

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