Thursday, January 6, 2011

"Strategic Brand Building” or Propaganda? Either Way Harper Broke the Law

The Government of Canada website plastered with photos of Herr Harper and linked to his piano playing, has been determined not to have met the “Common Look and Feel” standards.

Ya' think?
A flashy government website plastered with photos of the prime minister touting the work of the “Harper government” doesn't meet federal rules, according to documents obtained by The Canadian Press.

Officials advised that the Economic Action Plan website didn't merit an exemption from the rules, but it was given the green light anyway by Treasury Board President Vic Toews. He approved the site on the basis that the rules – which only took force on Dec. 31, 2008 – were to be changed at some future date.

At issue is something called “Common Look and Feel” standards for government online information and services to the public – standards developed so that federal websites are credible, technically accessible, uniform and non-partisan. The Economic Action Plan website, touting the Conservative's big-spending budget of January 2009, was criticized from the outset for its highly partisan appearance.
They were going to change the rules after they broke them? Business as usual in Harperland. Guy Giorno said that taxpayers were well rewarded for this because they now recognize the neoconservative brand, so what's a few million bucks?

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  1. A few million bucks. Must be aboot a billion by now methinks.

    p.s. It's okay for me to smoke pot out in public now isn't it? Because I hear they're going to change the rules on this down the road.