Sunday, January 23, 2011

This Sure Isn't Canada. It's Harperland Now

Another interesting video has surfaced, where police officers during the G-20 weekend from hell, tell peaceful protesters that they weren't in Canada now (about the 4 minute mark in video at bottom).

Like they needed to be told.
York police media officer Sgt. Gary Phillips said the incident was the subject of a citizen’s complaint. In the video, a woman’s voice from behind the camera points out that the protesters are not within 5 metres of the cordoned-off zone — the area in which Torontonians were led to believe, erroneously, that they could legally be searched by police officers at whim. The male protester insists that, as a Canadian, he has the right to refuse the search. But the officer disagrees. “This ain’t Canada right now,” he says.

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