Thursday, January 27, 2011

New Study Reveals That Mark Steyn is Full of it

Not long ago, neoconservative Mark Steyn wrote a piece for MacLeans magazine, warning of an Islamic population explosion. The Canadian Arab community filed a hate crime complaint, but there was so much right-wing backlash that they eventually dropped it.

Since then Steyn has become a prime fear monger, helping to fuel the Harper government's anti-Muslim policies. The above video shows how passionate he is, that traditional European culture could be obliterated.

However, a new study has shown that Steyn has been blowing smoke.
An extensive new report on the growth of the world’s Muslim population should put to rest a lot of fears Anxious commentators have made sweeping predictions that Canada will have a Muslim prime minister in a decade as a result of high Muslim immigration and birth rates Other scare mongers have predicted Europe will be 40 per cent Muslim by 2030, and thus be largely governed by oppressive Shariah law. An extensive new report on the growth of the world’s Muslim population should put to rest a lot of fears.

Anxious commentators have made sweeping predictions that Canada will have a Muslim prime minister in a decade as a result of high Muslim immigration and birth rates Other scare mongers have predicted Europe will be 40 per cent Muslim by 2030, and thus be largely governed by oppressive Shariah law. Europe, say these worried forecasters, might as well now be called “Eurabia.”
The world is always changing and this kind of fear mongering is nothing new. There was a fear that Jews would be taking over the world, until the Holocaust reminded us of what can happen when these kinds of fears become all consuming.

The biggest fear for Canada is that unfounded hatred and prejudice will change who we are as a people.

Muslim is not a disease. It's a religion and not one to be feared.


  1. That's tellin' 'em, Em!
    "The biggest fear for Canada is that unfounded hatred and prejudice will change who we are as a people."
    This is SO true! And already the world is beginning to view Canada as changed, because our government can be seen fostering hatred and prejudice.
    Let's get rid of the neoconservative Harpies and let the world know this is still the Canada we've always known and loved.

  2. Not long ago, neoconservative Mark Steyn wrote a piece for MacLeans magazine

    Your "not long ago" was 2006, which is four and a half years ago and in the world of punditry or indeed internet-land is a lifetime ago.

    Steyn didn't write 'a piece', he wrote a bestselling book, which was excerpted in Maclean's. Steyn, who has never been a liberal, is therefore also not a 'neoconservative'.

    His name is actually Mark Steyn though, so you got that bit right. Sadly, that first stence is your most factually accurate in the piece...

  3. Hi Emily Maybe you lost your train of thought somewhere along the line but what statement of Steyn's specifically do you disagree with?

    I get the "fear monger" and "prejudice" stuff - I just wanted to know what he said that was proved wrong by the study you cite.

  4. Er, bravo and five stars for one endless line of laughably unread and lazily incurious PC left logical fallacy. Outstanding, really. You are an excellent dhimmie and comrade. The enormously researched and influential Pew Research begs to differ with you, Bubbles.

    Via The Australian Newspaper.

    Gee, maybe also I don't know, um, READ and research something instead of the smug yet embarrassing baseless babbling denial of a Himalaya of fact. You ARE a lefty, ain't cha? A leftist is somebody who lives in a fantasy life completely supported by the system they despise.

    Golly, the Jews, Israel, Europe, America, Britain, America, Australia, Bali and Asia etc, etc, must be imagining the over 17,000 murderous Islamic terror attacks since 9/11 then? Again, READ instead of perming your hair and addled brain. I dare you to go Go to the FBI website and see if you notice anything about the Most Wanted Terrorist’s page.

    Can you Google and YouTube "terrorism, jihad, Islam, Hamas, Al Qaeda, beheadings, girl school bombings, Muslim Brotherhood, Grand Mufti, Qtub, global Caliphate, Ayatollah Khomeini, President of Iran.." etc? No?

    I dare you to go to jihadwatch org, thereligionofpeace com, memritv org, faithfreedom org, prophetofdoom net, palwatch org, stophonourkillings com, faithfreedom org, atlasshrugs2000 typepad com, islammonitor org.

    I do believe the collectivist left type is dismantled in NYT’s No 1 bestselling and for good reason books like ‘United In Hate, the left’s love affair with tyranny by Jamie Glazov, [left] Liberal Fascism by Jonah Goldberg, Surrender and While Europe Slept both by Bruce Bawer…

    …Stealth Jihad by Robert Spencer, The End of The World as We Know It by Mark Steyn, The Real Che and the idiots who idolize him by H Fontova, Muslim Mafia by US Air Force Office of Special Investigations Agent OSI P. David Gaubatz and Culture Of Corruption by Michelle Malkin etc.

    …and wonderfully surgically taken apart at horowitzfreedomcenter org, zombietime com, thepeoplescube com, israellycool com, Tim Blair blog, PJTV com, lookingattheleft com, dissectleft blogspot com, michellemalkin com, breitbart com,

    iowahawk typepad com, commiebuster com, therealcuba com, che-mart com, eco-imperialism com, wattsupwiththat com, Tim Blair blog, the Andrew Bolt blog and well, so many more.

    No, really. Colonel Robert Neville blogspot com.

  5. Now can YOU focus on a single allegedly incorrect statement of Steyn's and counter with your er, evidence? Maybe a book, article, video or similiar research.

    Nope, just ad hominem logical fallacy which is no case at all. Carry on, then. You are an excellent unread dhimmie lefty. No fact registers with you, does it?

    Nope, it's all about Steyn for you, and your absurd imagined pejorative of "neocon!" Your like Pavlov's leftist reacting stupidly to words. No, really. Colonel Neville.

  6. Er, YOU are "inciting hate" against Steyn and many others, [including and especially Jews who face Islamist jihadist killers everyday] for merely stating an easily verified Himalaya of empirical facts available in word, film and archive 24/7 etc.

    You don't really READ or possess rational thinking skills do you? Thus the PC fantasy denial left babble. Ironically it's YOU who are the bigot.

    In their cognitive dissonance and without a shred of evidence, a bigot denies reality and invariably ad hominems those who dissent from their fraud and useless logical fallacy.

    No, really. Colonel Neville.

  7. Gosh, here's another imaginary video of imaginary Muslims who want to dominate Britain by any means.

    I bet that dastardly Mark Steyn made this up with his "neocon hate and fear mongering" right?

    You don't know you're stupid or do you? You do kinda look it. No, really. Colonel Neville.

  8. Bwahahaha!, the ridiculous journalistic standards free Douglas Todd at The Vancouver Sun completely and grossly twists and misrepresents The Pew Report’s findings.

    Gee, I do wonder if he’s a PC multiculti lefty liberal who is wilfully ignorant to outrageously disingenuous about the reality of Muslim immigration and global jihad. My my, I believe so. A dreadfully worthless classic dhimmie piece. A joke, no? From The Australian:

    “THE world’s Muslim population will grow twice as fast as the non-Muslim population in the next 20 years, when Muslims are expected to make up more than a quarter of the global population, a study predicts. Using fertility, mortality and migration rates, researchers at the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life project a 1.5-per cent annual population growth rate for the world’s Muslims over the next two decades, and just 0.7 per cent growth each year for non-Muslims…
    And in Europe, Pew predicts the Muslim population will grow by nearly a third in 20 years, from 44.1 million people, or six per cent of the region’s inhabitants in 2010, to 58.2 million or eight per cent of the projected total population by 2030.

    Some European Union (EU) countries will see double-digit percentages of Muslims in their population by 2030: Belgium’s Muslim population is projected to rise from six per cent to 10.2 per cent over the next 20 years, while France’s is expected to hit 10.3 per cent in 2030, up from 7.5 per cent today. In Sweden, Pew predicts Muslims will comprise nearly 10 per cent of the population compared to less than five per cent today.

    Britain’s Muslim population is predicted to rise from 4.6 per cent to 8.2 per cent by 2030, and 9.3 per cent of the population of Austria is forecast to be Muslim by then, compared to less than six per cent of residents of the alpine country now…”

  9. My Lord, you REALLY cannot think straight or respond competently! Clearly you do not seriously read nor are you apparently interested in doing so. My dear Bubbles, you only HAVE a passively formed "opinion" unsupported by anything but ironically your own "hyperbole" and laughable logical fallacy.

    Do you ever mount your absurd non-arguments WITHOUT logical fallacy? Do you EVER site a reputable source, book, article, paper etc? So far it would appear as a no.

    Is there anything, ANYTHING that you find of concern about Islam which is followed by 1.5 billion people, as much as you feeeeel the level of “hate and fear mongering” threat emanating from the single AUTHOR Mark Steyn? Steyn made any beheading videos lately?

    Has Steyn formed his own Hamass, Al Aqsa or Muslim Brotherhood terror group yet? Has Mark Steyn hijacked airliners and crashed them into buildings? Has Steyn genitally mutilated 6,000 little Muslim girls a day or married one or four?

    So you find nothing “hateful” or to be feared in Mohammad the 7th century pedophile rapist mass murdering bandit psychopath then? Sharia Law is cool to you and full of love? So you find no hate in Saudi Arabia, the major financier of global jihad?

    While you’re being all ignorantly smug, your attitude allows Muslims in the West to mutilate and murder their daughters and behead their wives and so much more. [Look it up at atlasshrugs2000 typepad com stophonourkillings com etc]

    For you there is “nothing to see here” cos it’s all just made up by Mark Steyn. I guess the years of video straight from Muslim Arabic Islamic state media at memritv org is all made up by Mark Steyn and his er, “neocons” too. Get help for your witless cognitive dissonance and logical fallacy overload addiction, luv.

    I do believe in your case your face reflects your mind: foolish, thick and rather red. Here's a tip: don't post your mug shot unless it doth possess something appealing.

    And stop babbling “Mark Steyn...Mark Steyn!” It’s Islam, dopey. Grow a spine, a brain, some honesty and some decency and go to the damn links.

    No, really. Colonel Neville.

  10. Yes, "shared by many" leftist indoctrinated willfully unread dhimmie fools. EVERYTHING Steyn says is an easily verified FACT and not an "opinion", which is apparently all YOU have to stroke the PC sodden little house of denial you shelter in. Embarrassing really.

    Still, kudos for posting the rather roasting comments you naturally received.

    No, really. Colonel Neville.

  11. @ Kay and Emily

    Nobody really cares about Canada. I've lived abroad for well over 7 years in 3 different countries and have never met a foreign national who could tell me who Canada's current PM was, let alone find any one of Canada's "World Famous" cities that weren't Toronto, Vancouver, or Montreal on a map.

    @ Emily Can you define "neo-conservative", let alone use it in a sentence? It sounds like something you're saying just to sound smart.

  12. Neoconservatism is based on Straussian principles, but adapted as a poltiical theory by Irving Kristol. George Bush was the first to govern by those principles of the "elite" controlling everything. It is also a "total war" concept based on U.S. Imperialism.

    I have read Irving Kristol and Leo Strauss, and I can tell you that Kristol bastardized most of the ideas to suit.

    As to the U.S. caring, they might care if they knew that our banks got 111 billion dollars in bailout money through their American subsidiaries, while more than two million American families lost their homes.

  13. Nobody cares about Canada, Emily. I've lived in three (3) different countries for over 7 years and in that time I've never met any foreign nationals who could name whoever happened to be the current Canadian PM. The world is a much bigger place than just North America. Buy an atlas, seriously.

    So how exactly is Mark Steyn a "neo-conservative", and if George Bush is so intent on controlling everything, why isn't he dictator for life right now?

  14. Wow Emily, looks like you made some new friends. ha ha ah ah. I would consider it a compliment. It means they are deathly afraid of you and your blog and your facts.

    Long life the truth.

    Why is HarperCon **SO** fanatical about supporting Isreal bombing innocent Palestinian civilians? What’s the secret agenda at work here?

    ‎Canada does one billion dollars of trade with Israel annually. Most of it military. (At the 5:30 mark).

    ‎... the standard picture is that the U.S.(and by extension Canada) is an honest broker trying to bring together two recalcitrant opponents- Israel and Palestinian Authority.

    That’s just a charade.

    snip snip: If there were serious negotiations, they would be organized by some neutral party and the U.S. and Israel would be on one side and the world would be on the other side. And that is not an exaggeration.

    The issue that’s being debated is a footnote, a minor footnote: expansion of settlements. Of course it’s illegal.

    In fact, everything Israel is doing in the West Bank and Gaza is illegal. That hasn’t even been controversial since 1967.