Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Will Flaherty Give Back His Award After learning That Our Economic Recovery Was a Myth?

On January 1 (no not April 1), the Canadian Press named Jim Flaherty the top business newsmaker of the year for his handling of the economy.

Forgetting about the sub-prime mortgage mess he's gotten us into, they were basing their opinion on his cool head during troubled times.

However, the house of cards is tumbling down, after learning that of the G7 countries, we are in sixth place in terms of economic recovery, and fifth place, when it comes to employment recovery.
Canada averaged a 1.7 per cent advance during the period, beating out Italy's 1.5, but below every other country in the G7. Germany tops the list with an impressive 6.1 per cent in growth.It's even worse if the calculation is on a per capita basis — a truer measure of economic strength. By that scale, Canada is dead last with a 0.9 per cent gain per person."We should stop patting ourselves in the back," says Stanford. "Yes we've had a couple of decent quarters, at the end of 2009 and in the beginning of 2010, but now we're running below capacity."Stanford also tries to shatter another "myth" of the recovery — that Canada's labour markets have performed superbly, recovering all the jobs lost during the recession, and then some ... "Less than one-fifth of the damage done to Canada's labour market by the recession has been repaired," he says.
Anyone living in Ontario during the Mike Harris years, know all about Jim Flaherty's lies concerning his financial prowess. He just hid everything.


  1. To understand what's really financially going on in Canada, and it's not good, please read some truth you will never get from a newspaper here:

    He talks about Harper and "F" a lot jhee hee